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Have you ever wished for a chance to do something over again? For a second chance, a chance to make things better, to correct past mistakes? Among Bitter Stars is the story of four dissatisfied twenty-somethings who are granted the opportunity to do just that - an opportunity for a second chance at love, life and friendship.


08 Nov 2014



Seems all my news posts are about how this comic isn't dead. So I won't reiterate it anymore other than to say, new page is up. And that the chapter is nearing its end.

Also the old layout had a lot of issues with the ads, and the images had 404'd. I haven't messed with the site's template system in a while and I don't have the time and patience to look through it again and fix everything or even make a new template.
So I've had to change it to one of the default templates (many thanks to the guys credited at the bottom for this simple yet beautiful layout).


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