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19 Aug 2010


Archive down

I figured I'll rework the archive page while there's still only a couple of pages up. So I removed the link for now and I'll put it back up when I finish coding.
Shouldn't be too long.

Hopefully no one gets lost navigating through the 2 (maybe 3) pages currently up.
(Site isn't getting much traffic yet, so I'm not worried.)

UPDATE: It's back up now. Just gotta wait and see how the code will react with more pages and chapters in the future.
Let me know if you see it behaving weirdly.

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21 Aug 2010

Dino (Guest)

Hehe, coolest looking hat i've seen since Terry bogards! I wish i was creative enough to think of such awesome apparel!

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I hope you guys post your new page SOON!!!


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